‘Into the White’ – Upcoming War Drama Starring Rupert Grint (‘Ron Weasley’)

Directed by Petter Næss Starring: Rupert Grint, Florian Lukas, Stig Henrik Hoff, Sondre K. Larsen, Kim Haugen Premiere: 3 March 2012, Norway For the last decade, Ron Weasley (‘Harry Potter’, actor Rupert Grint) has battled some of the most dangerous… Read More ›

Much More Than a Phone Box

In May 1997, the inhabitants of the fjord village Bjørke in Hjørundfjord, Western Norway, became strongly provoked when the national telephone company Telenor was about to remove the only public phone box. They already had lost the local grocery and… Read More ›

Herring Mass Death a Mystery

(Photo: Jan-Petter Jørgensen) The inhabitants of Kvænes in Troms could hardly believe their eyes on the morning of New Year’s Eve: Overnight, the beach was full of dead herring, Nordlys writes. No one knows for sure what’s happened in the popular… Read More ›