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  • Kleppmelk – A Viking Recipe

    Traditional dinner: Kleppmelk served with sugar and cinnamon. (Photo: Kleppmelk (klepp milk) is a soup commonly used in the Trøndelag region and in Northern Norway. It consists of thick pancake batter formed into bowls simmered in milk. It is… Read More ›

  • Almanac for 1644 – The First Book Printed in Norway

    Almanac for 1644 – Page XXIX and XXX (Photo: National Library of Norway) The year is 1643. Norway has been a Danish province since 1536, the year before the Protestant Reformation. King Christian IV and his officials have succeeded in… Read More ›

  • World´s Biggest Baby Poop Study

      5000 stool samples: Pål Trosvik (L) and Eric de Muinck are going to make a mathematical model of how bacterial diversity changes in the intestines of infants. (Photo: Yngve Vogt/Apollon) Researchers at the University of Oslo will examine 5000 poop diapers in the world’s biggest bacterial examination of the baby stool. The aim is to examine how bacteria evolve inside the intestine the first year of life. – We have one of the largest baby poop collections in the world, says researcher Eric de Muinck to NRK. Babies… Read More ›

  • Ten Things You May Not Know About Cows

    Norwegian Red cows are famous for their many excellent qualities, including good health, fertility and high milk production – but did you know that they may warn storms? (Photo: Thor News) Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK) is famous for its slow… Read More ›

  • A Viking Naming Ceremony in Gudvangen

    Najua-Alya and Sergio brought their one-year-old daughter Alya from Madrid to Gudvangen in Western Norway to undergo the Norse naming ritual. (Photo: Mal Dickson, Aurland Photography) In late July during the annual Viking market, a very special ceremony was conducted… Read More ›

  • Norwegian Among the World’s Most Pioneering Science Women

    Awarded for pioneering science: May-Britt (second on the left) and Edvard I. Moser with their daughters at the Nobel Prize Awards in Stockholm in 2014. For the occasion, her spectacular dress made by Matthew Hubble, illustrates a glittering neuron pattern. (Photo: Alexander Mahmoud/ Since 1901,… Read More ›

  • Pickled Mackerel with Pepper Sour Cream and New Potatoes

    (Photo: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews) Right now shoals of mackerel are visiting Norwegian fjords, and pickled mackerel is a traditional recipe that tastes delicious and fresh. The fish in this recipe was just caught a few hours ago – and… Read More ›

  • Matchbox Collection for Sale

    On Norway’s answer to eBay,, you can buy almost everything that money can buy: Caravans, rabbits, lawnmowers and stuffed moose heads are some examples. You can also buy collections of everything between heaven and earth, including erasers and matchboxes…. Read More ›

  • Brown Crabs with Lemon Mayonnais and a Hint of Beer

    (Photo: Late summer and fall, from August to October, is the peak season for crab fishing and the time of year when the European brown crab is at its best. Shells and claws filled with delicious crab meat are… Read More ›

  • Njardarheimr Viking Village Becomes a Reality in 2017 – See the Drawings

    Gudvangen in Sogn, Western Norway – a suitable place to build a Viking village. (Photo: Leif / Wikimedia Commons) In May 2017, phase one of Njardarheimr Viking Village is ready. The construction starts in August and the village will consist… Read More ›