Central Norway

Kraftwerk x 8

Kraftwerk performing at the Øya festival 2013. (Photo: Paul Audestad / Aftenposten) They performed a spectacular show at the Øya festival in Oslo in 2013. Next summer, German Kraftwerk move onto the scene at The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet… Read More ›

800 Years Old “Gay Graffiti” Carved on the Nidaros Cathedral

In Latin: «LAURENSIUS CELVI ANUS PETRI» is carved on the Nidaros Cathedral. (Photo: Asbjørn Svarstad/Dagbladet) Trondheim historian reveals Norway’s oldest “gay graffiti” on the Nidaros Cathedral. – Look! Here it is, laughs historian Terje Bratberg while pointing at a carved inscription… Read More ›

Oslo’s Old Norse Meadows

Oslo from above: The Norwegian capital has not always been densely populated, something that the district names indicate. (Photo: Anette Broteng Christiansen / ThorNews)   In the early days, Norwegian syllable “-vin” meant “natural meadows” and the former peasant district… Read More ›