Willy Wonka is Norwegian

Per Vonka and his father, Peder Vonka, met Roald Dahl during WWII. (Photo: Hallgeir Henriksen / Sami Newspaper Ságat) Had it not been for a chance meeting between author Roald Dahl and Per and his father Peder Vonka towards the… Read More ›

Beaver Killed in Work Accident

Who was responsible for yelling ”TIMBER!”? (Photo: Beate Strøm Johansen) An unfortunate beaver in Vennesla municipality in southern Norway was hit by a tree, and died. – This is a totally unique case, says zoologist. Leif Hægeland was chopping wood… Read More ›

The Social Guidebook to Norway

Norwegians can be difficult to interpret, according to Julien S. Bourrelle. (Book Cover: The Publisher) When the Canadian researcher Julien S. Bourrelle moved to Norway, he experienced a culture that was difficult to interpret. Now he helps foreigners to analyze… Read More ›

Sure Norwegian Signs of Spring

A sure sign of spring: Airing the duvet (Illustrating photo: trine.waaktaar.com) Spring has arrived! Well, March is a whimsical month with hail and snow, sun and thunder, with up-and-down temperature swings. This does not stop Norwegians from waking to life:… Read More ›