Two Trash Cans Set on Fire in Kristiansand

Fædrelandsvennen: Southern Norway’s biggest newspaper, online edition: Firefighters and police called when two trash cans were on fire. Around 11:00 PM Saturday, two flaming trash cans were observed in Skippergata in Kristiansand. The Fire Department arrived quickly and put out… Read More ›

Much More Than a Phone Box

In May 1997, the inhabitants of the fjord village Bjørke in Hjørundfjord, Western Norway, became strongly provoked when the national telephone company Telenor was about to remove the only public phone box. They already had lost the local grocery and… Read More ›

Warning! Norwegian Road!

Norway is a long country where the distance from the southernmost point: Lindesnes, to the northernmost, North Cape, is about 1600 miles. There are a huge number of roads. Thousands of tunnels and bridges are making it possible to cross… Read More ›