Matchbox Collection for Sale

On Norway’s answer to eBay, finn.no, you can buy almost everything that money can buy: Caravans, rabbits, lawnmowers and stuffed moose heads are some examples. You can also buy collections of everything between heaven and earth, including erasers and matchboxes…. Read More ›

Please Step On These Dachshunds

Trondheim municipality hopes as many as possible will step on these Dachshunds. (Photo: tagsecond.com/ Unknown) – The pedestrian crossing is made to show that we appreciate foot-travelers, says Hans Kringstad in Trondheim municipality to Adresseavisen newspaper. The decoration is part… Read More ›

How Far Can a Dead Moose Run?

(Illustration: ThorNews) Now that the Norwegian moose-hunting season is over and many Norwegian families are enjoying a juicy elk steak during the Christmas holidays, many out there probably wonder: How far can a dead moose run? The research portal forskning.no… Read More ›


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