Why you should watch “Norsemen” on Netflix

  IMDb user review, “Norsemen” TV Series (Norwegian: “Vikingane”) Author: OneEyedOdin from Texas   And Now for Something Completely Different Having stumbled into this show while randomly flipping through streaming content, one may initially be slightly confused about what awaits… Read More ›

World´s Biggest Baby Poop Study

  5000 stool samples: Pål Trosvik (L) and Eric de Muinck are going to make a mathematical model of how bacterial diversity changes in the intestines of infants. (Photo: Yngve Vogt/Apollon) Researchers at the University of Oslo will examine 5000 poop diapers in the world’s biggest bacterial examination of the baby stool. The aim is to examine how bacteria evolve inside the intestine the first year of life. – We have one of the largest baby poop collections in the world, says researcher Eric de Muinck to NRK. Babies… Read More ›

Matchbox Collection for Sale

On Norway’s answer to eBay, finn.no, you can buy almost everything that money can buy: Caravans, rabbits, lawnmowers and stuffed moose heads are some examples. You can also buy collections of everything between heaven and earth, including erasers and matchboxes…. Read More ›