The 5000 Dollar Fish

Grilled Atlantic bluefin tuna served with orange glazed sweet potatoes and kale. (Photo: Kirsti Kringstad / NRK) Last week, the restaurant Søstrene Karlsen in Trondheim bought a piece of the world’s most expensive fish, the Atlantic bluefin tuna. They bought… Read More ›

The Hubro is Back

Specially made sticks like this one allow more Hubros to survive. They are hunting from power poles. (Photo: Jan Ove Gjershaug/ Norwegian Institute for Nature Research) Good news for all Hubro fans: The population of the Eurasian eagle-owl in Norway,… Read More ›

Losæter: Urban Meadow Downtown Oslo

Anne Beate Hovind and Vibeke Hermanrud from Bjørvika Utvikling at Losæter -a urban meadow located at Sørenga. Until the early 1900s, the area was Oslo’s food chamber. (Photo: Rolf Øhman/Osloby) In Bjørvika neighborhood in Oslo city center, you can soon visit… Read More ›

Beaver Killed in Work Accident

Who was responsible for yelling ”TIMBER!”? (Photo: Beate Strøm Johansen) An unfortunate beaver in Vennesla municipality in southern Norway was hit by a tree, and died. – This is a totally unique case, says zoologist. Leif Hægeland was chopping wood… Read More ›