Norwegian Forests and Gardens Filled With Delicious Berries

  Cloudberries (Norwegian: Multe) – The Forest Gold. (Photo: Arnstein Rønning / Wikimedia Commons) Right now, you can pick many different and tasty berries in forests and gardens throughout Norway. The year 2016 is a record year for wild blueberries,… Read More ›

My Ship Is Loaded With… Skrei!

This fishing vessel loaded with cod at Røst in Lofoten illustrates the fantastic season. (Photo: Gøran Greger) The combination of large amounts of Northeast Arctic cod (Norwegian: skrei, “the wanderer”) and high prices, make coastal fishermen from Central and Northern Norway… Read More ›

The Norwegian Mountain Codes

  Mountain Code no. 1: Plan your trip and leave word of your route. (Photo: Sindre Thoresen Lønnes/ Norwegian Trekking Assiciation) Are you planning to wander in the Norwegian mountains this Easter, you should prepare well. Large areas are practically deserted,… Read More ›

How Far Can a Dead Moose Run?

(Illustration: ThorNews) Now that the Norwegian moose-hunting season is over and many Norwegian families are enjoying a juicy elk steak during the Christmas holidays, many out there probably wonder: How far can a dead moose run? The research portal… Read More ›