Doubts about the Origin of Norway

Norvegia: The first map that only includes Norway was drawn by the Dutchman Johannes Blaeu (1596-1673), published in Amsterdam in 1662. Variations of the name Norway had been used for centuries. (Facsimile: Bergen University Library/   Article was first published… Read More ›

Oslo’s Old Norse Meadows

Oslo from above: The Norwegian capital has not always been densely populated, something that the district names indicate. (Photo: Anette Broteng Christiansen / ThorNews)   In the early days, Norwegian syllable “-vin” meant “natural meadows” and the former peasant district… Read More ›

40 Synonyms for “Man”

Bjørn Sundquist in the role as “grinebiter” in “Jernanger” (The Storm in My Heart) by Pål Jackman. Earlier, ThorNews has published the article “40 Synonyms for Woman” to show that the Norwegian language is richer and more nuanced than even… Read More ›


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