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23. Trømsø International Film Festival – January 14 – 20 2013

Snow screen at Tromsø’s main square. Tromsø International Film Festival, held in the Arctic city of Tromsø, is a popular film festival for the audience, and at the same time an important meeting point for Norwegian and international film industry…. Read More ›

Upcoming Norwegian Movies 2013

(Picture from: “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”) The Norwegian film year 2012 contained successes as “Kon-Tiki” and “Journey to the Christmas Star” but unfortunately also smaller films with low visitor numbers.2013 will be an exciting film year, with many innovative… Read More ›

”Escape” – The Movie

Original Title: ‘Flukt’ Country: Norway Category: Action Director: Roar Uthaug Writer: Thomas Moldestad Stars: Isabel Christine Andreasen, Ingrid Bolsø Berdal and Kristian Espedal       It’s been ten years since the Black Plague ravaged the lands. A poor family… Read More ›

‘The Almost Man’ – The Movie

Original Title: ‘Mer eller mindre mann’ Director: Martin Lund Producer: Ruben Thorkildsen Photo: Morten Halfstad Forsberg Script: Martin Lund Stars: Henrik Rafaelsen, Janne Heltberg Haarseth, Tov Sletta, Per Kjærstad, Tore Sagen, Kim Eidhagen, Ågot Sendstad, Terje Ranes      … Read More ›