Sverre Fehn Built Norway’s Architectural Reputation

Norwegian Glacier Museum Architect Sverre Fehn was one of the biggest supporters of modernism, and must be regarded as the most internationally acclaimed Norwegian architect.   In 1946, 22 years old Fehn began his architectural education in Oslo, and already… Read More ›

Tempo – Coolest Mopeds Ever?

Tempo Panter, Model 370, 1973 – 75 Tempo was a Norwegian motorcycle and moped manufacturer. Jonas Øglænd, a Norwegian merchant and industrial entrepreneur, was responsible for making the frames and ZF Sachs AG made the engines. He is mostly known… Read More ›

Lambda! New Munch Museum in Oslo!

Today, after a long waiting period a final decision has been made: The new Munch Museum – “Lambda” – will be built as originally planned in Bjørvika in Oslo. Munch-enthusiasts and Oslo citizens should celebrate this historical event by drinking… Read More ›