Culinary Surprises

This is Genuine Viking Beer

Craft brewer Kjetil Johnsen and botanist Anneleen Kool have recreated genuine Viking beer. (Photo: Ram Gupta / Natural History Museum, University of Oslo) During the Viking Age, mead was a beverage that celebrated the gods with honey as ingredient –… Read More ›

The 5000 Dollar Fish

Grilled Atlantic bluefin tuna served with orange glazed sweet potatoes and kale. (Photo: Kirsti Kringstad / NRK) Last week, the restaurant Søstrene Karlsen in Trondheim bought a piece of the world’s most expensive fish, the Atlantic bluefin tuna. They bought… Read More ›

Kransekake – A Festal Highlight

No Constitution Day without Kransekake. (Photo: When Norwegians celebrate Constitution Day on May 17, several elements must be in place including Bunad, Norwegian flags, hotdogs, marching band music, and not least -Kransekake. Kransekake, this glory of almonds, powdered sugar… Read More ›