Culinary Surprises

Christmas Traditions: A Genuine Norwegian Christmas

Jul i Vinterland (Christmas in Winterland) market downtown Oslo. (Photo: The Norwegian Christmas holiday is based on Christian traditions, with elements from Norse midwinter celebration and Jewish Hanukkah. However, new traditions frequently appears. From late November, the Norwegian Christmas… Read More ›

This is Genuine Viking Beer

Craft brewer Kjetil Johnsen and botanist Anneleen Kool have recreated genuine Viking beer. (Photo: Ram Gupta / Natural History Museum, University of Oslo) During the Viking Age, mead was a beverage that celebrated the gods with honey as ingredient –… Read More ›

The 5000 Dollar Fish

Grilled Atlantic bluefin tuna served with orange glazed sweet potatoes and kale. (Photo: Kirsti Kringstad / NRK) Last week, the restaurant Søstrene Karlsen in Trondheim bought a piece of the world’s most expensive fish, the Atlantic bluefin tuna. They bought… Read More ›