The Olafsen Family’s Christmas Eve – A Traditional Norwegian 24 December

Like many other Norwegian families, the Olafsen family decorates the house for Christmas on “Little Christmas Eve”, 23 December. (Photo illustration: ThorNews). Christmas Eve is one of the highlights of the year, especially for the youngest members of the family…. Read More ›

This is Genuine Viking Beer

Craft brewer Kjetil Johnsen and botanist Anneleen Kool have recreated genuine Viking beer. (Photo: Ram Gupta / Natural History Museum, University of Oslo) During the Viking Age, mead was a beverage that celebrated the gods with honey as ingredient –… Read More ›

Without Coffee Norway Stops

One of Norway’s leading coffee experts, Herman Friele, uses the body’s most important organ when he smells his way to the right coffee blend (Photo: Kaffehuset Friele) Did you know that Norwegians drink second-most coffee in the world, only beaten… Read More ›