Get Into the Spirit of Christmas with Old Norwegian Christmas Cards

“God Norsk Jul! – “Happy Norwegian Christmas!” (Artist: Frank Wathne, produced 1946)


In the good old days, a respected Norwegian occupation was to be a Christmas card artist. Absolutely everyone who could write sent a nice card to family and friends, and millions ended up in mailboxes all across the country.

Unfortunately times have changed, and today only a few send Christmas cards by regular mail. An old tradition is in danger of dying out – a trend ThorNews would love to turn around.

Below you will find several traditional Norwegian Christmas cards. Print them out and glue them to cardboard.

Send them to family and friends, or write some nice words to someone you love before you put the card in an envelope and place it under the Christmas tree.



(Artist: Frank Wathne, produced 1940s)


(Artist: Gondro Elind, produced 1939)


(Artist: Paul Lillo-Stenberg, produced 1943)


(Artist: Paul Lillo-Stenberg, produced 1944)


(Artist: Paul Lillo-Stenberg, produced 1955)


(Artist: Adolph Tidemand, produced 1846)


“Jul i Norge” – “Christmas in Norway” (Artist: Unknown, produced 1949)


(Artist: Gerhard Gjerding, produced c. 1930)


(Artist: Unknown, produced 1948)







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4 replies

  1. These look great! I’m not Norweigan, but I’ll be sure to use them! Vrolijke Kerst!

  2. LOVE this offer! and i still send christmas cards – i agree this trend needs reversing. thank you and God Jul! 🙂

  3. I was told the second-last Christmas card with the maritime scenery was painted by Gerhard Gjerding. Frank Jacobsen

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