What about a Thor’s Star Cardigan for Christmas?

Thor’s Star, © Cynthia Atley Peterson

Thor’s Star, by Cynthia Atley Peterson / Ravelry.com

Woman’s cardigan in 6 sizes from XS 35″ to XXL 48″ finished size. Thor’s Star was made from the inspiration of the wallpaper on ThorNews, knit in Rauma Finullgarn and Kauni Effekt (color-changing) yarn or other fingering wieght yarn.

The star is also a very old Selbu pattern with my own twists on the yoke. It uses Finull by Rauma for the background and Kauni for the design.


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Thor’s Star, © Cynthia Atley Peterson

It could be fun to knit with many different colors placed as you wish or just 2 solids. It is made from the bottom up; joining sleeves and body for a one piece with yoke.

ThorNews wallpaper, © ThorNews

Very little finishing. Steeks up front and separate button bands. Included are the instructions for a Channel Islands cast on and Channel Islands bind off for trim using a contrasting color.

I made 6 sizes this time from 35” circumference to 48”

6-9 50gm balls of Finull and 2-3 150g balls of Kauni Effekt yarn 8/2


For more information and pattern, see Norsk Needlework – Your source for original Scandinavian knitting patterns.







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