In This Town Shop Owners Leave Their Goods Unguarded on the Street

Sunday morning – This florist has not taken the trouble of locking in flowers and jars. (Photo: ThorNews)

Rørvik, Central Norway – You know that you are living in a completely safe place when residents leave their homes and cars unlocked, and shopkeepers do not bother to move their goods indoor during weekends.

Fortunately, this is still a common sight in many small Norwegian towns and villages. Everyone knows everyone, and even if residents do not have access to theaters or other urban cultural activities, the images tell you that this is a place with other and maybe more important qualities.

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Sunday morning – Outside the Felleskjøpet shop you can pick up bags with fertilizers, grass seeds, logs and other goods – and pay on Monday (Photo: ThorNews).

The town of Rørvik with approximately 3300 inhabitants is the administrative center in the municipality of Vikna in Central Norway, a large island archipelago with about 6,000 large and small islands where most live from fishing and aquaculture.

Rørvik town – People enjoying a concert during the annual Rørvikdagan summer festival. (Photo: Namdalsavisa)




Text by Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews



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