Big Gold Nuggets Found in the Gisna River, Central Norway

This record gold nugget and more big nuggets found by Arne Sevaldsen and other diggers in the Gisna River may indicate that there is a large deposit nearby. (Photo: Marius Frang)

There is probably a lot of gold hidden in Norwegian rivers – for those who have the time and patience to search. Wednesday morning, Arne Sevaldsen got his reward when he found a gold nugget weighing 19.56 grams (0.69 oz) in the Gisna River in Gisnadalen valley in South Trøndelag county.

Every year the social worker takes one month vacation from his normal job at a high school to dig for the precious metal.

The finding is a new Norwegian record, the old record was 17.02 grams (0.6 oz). According to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), private collectors already have offered the experienced gold digger a decent sum for the shining lump.

But Arne Sevaldsen is not going to sell.

– At least not to a private collector. If so, it has to be sold to a museum so that I can visit and look at the nugget, he said to NRK.

Searching for a Gold Ore Deposit

Sevaldsen, who will stay in the Gisnadalen valley until July 9, tells that the gold diggers in the area work in close collaboration with the Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU) to find out if there is a gold ore deposit nearby.

Something that is not unlikely.

Here you can watch a video from gold digging in the Gisna River in June 2016 (article continues below).


Digging for Gold in Norway

ThorNews has previously published the article; ”Digging for Gold in Norway”:

Gold veterans have a saying: “Gold is where you find it.” This means that if you are searching for gold, you should look in areas that are known to have reported gold occurrences. In Norway, gold mining has taken place in several places: Eidsvold, Bømlo, Bindalen, Svartdal and in different rivers on the Finnmark Plateau.

You are welcome to read the whole article here where you also will find a map showing where there is found gold in Norway.

Gold luck!


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews







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