Romantic Comedy Gets Italians to Travel to Bergen

“Quo Vado?” Checco Zalone falls in love with an Italian woman living in Bergen (Photo: Press Photo /”Quo Vado?”  )

In 2016, nine million Italians packed movie theaters to watch “Quo Vado?” (“Where am I going?”). Much of the action takes place in Bergen in Western Norway, and because of the success many Italians have chosen to travel to the old Hanseatic city.

“Quo Vado?” is a romantic comedy telling the story of a man who falls in love with a woman who lives in Bergen and commutes to the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. This is the fourth film in the comedy series about Checco Zalone, played by Luca Medici.

The movie premiered on 1 January 2016 and has smashed previous Italian box office records. In addition to about 1200 Italian movie theatres, “Quo Vado?” has been shown in some parts of the US.

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Many of the movie scenes are shot in Bergen. (Photo: Press Photo / “Quo Vado?”)

The success has led to a 23 percent increase of Italian visitors to Bergen during 2016, only beaten by the Netherlands and China

Marketing manager at Bergen Tourist Board, Marianne Johnsen, told Bergensavisen newspaper that movies like “Quo Vado?” have great positive impact on local tourism.

– People travel to Bergen because they have been watching our city, or go here to see places shown in the movie. It is very positive for the city, says Marianne Johnsen.

She says that Italian tourists are important to the tourism industry.

– Italy is a very important market for us. Italians come here in late summer (Editor’s Note: most Norwegians have summer vacation in July, Italians in August), and many are individual travelers.

«Quo Vado?» Movie scenes (not translated to English, but still fun to watch).





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