«Thor’s Kingdom»: Norwegian Adventure Park Aims to Become World’s Viking Capital

(Photo: Vikingland / ITEC Entertainment Corporation)

A local development company from Western Norway in cooperation with major international companies have a clear objective: The Viking adventure park «Thor’s Kingdom» (Norwegian: «Thors Rike») aims to become the world’s Viking capital.

«Thor’s Kingdom»  will be built in Sveio municipality in Hordaland county, Western Norway. The theme park is located not far from Haugesund and Stavanger with international airports, and the founders hope to attract many Viking fans from around the world.

The development company Vikingland Utvikling AS has been working on the project since June 2015 and believes Southern Hordaland in Western Norway is a perfect location to establish the world’s Viking capital. The reason is the area’s unique Viking roots and history, the company writes.

Vikings for Everyone

The project writes on its website:

Welcome to Thor’s Rike, the largest theme park in Norway. Here you’ll find everything from thrilling rollercoasters to the experience of authentic Viking raids (…)

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(Photo: Vikingland / ITEC Entertainment Corporation)

Prepare yourself to embark onboard an amazing journey deep into the Viking sagas. Granted you’re truly prepared for this, we welcome you to Thor’s Kingdom, where the Viking age returns back to life. Celebrate your own Viking-spirit that dwells inside you, with rides and rollercoasters, authentic shows on stage, eat like the Vikings did and try if you dare, to negotiate with them at their many stores.

A world of heroes, trolls and magic … Thrill and adventure … Gods and giants … Courage and deceit … Mythic beings and spectacular environments! Take part in our world and let yourself inspire – By an authentic Vikingland, right next to where the Viking-capitol once stood over 1000 years ago!

International Partners

The project still lacks about 23 million USD to become a reality, and the objective is to raise the necessary money before the summer.

Planned construction startup of the about 100 acres theme park is in the summer of 2019.

«Thor’s Kingdom» is designed by ITEC Entertainment Corporation (US, Florida) that according to the company is “a global industry leader of award-winning, entertainment solutions that ignite the dreams of people all over the world”.

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(Photo: Vikingland / ITEC Entertainment Corporation)

The park is going to be operated by the Spanish company Parques Reunidos, an international entertainment operator based in Madrid, Spain.  Parques Reunidos already runs more than fifty amusement parks in the US, Europe and Asia.

If you are not a big fan of roller coasters or popcorn with “Viking flavor”, you should travel approximately 170 miles further north and visit Njardarheim Viking Village for a more authentic Viking experience.



Text by: ThorNews

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4 replies

  1. A bad idea!

  2. Just sad. Turn a folk peoples rich culture, history and tradition into a cartoon Disney theme park. No respect. What other country of world does this to a people, their own people? What is next an Eskimo Land in Northern Canada, showcasing an extinct Innuit culture or an extinct First Nation culture Theme park in the Dakotas. You can be sure, you won’t see a Jeruselam Land or Mecca Land Theme Park! We are not extinct yet! This will cement our Norse identity as Americana entertainment.

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