The Traditional Christmas Market in Namsos, Central Norway


The Christmas season is fast approaching, and this weekend many Norwegian villages and towns arrange their traditional Christmas market. In Namsos, located in the Namdalen valley in Central Norway, the tradition is kept alive through waffles with sour cream and Fjord Horse and carriage.

How about buying a locally produced cheese, world class smoked salmon or tasty cookies for Christmas present – not to forget a wooden birdhouse or a pair of hand-knitted mittens?

Almost everyone in the small town of Namsos with about 13,000 residents visit the annually market held at the Namdal Museum the second weekend of Advent. Snow and minus 3 degrees Celsius (26 F), provided the perfect Christmas feeling for this year’s visitors.

In this part of Norway, there is daylight for only four hours a day, and “the sun disappears almost before it has risen.” The Christmas market, lit up by lanterns and candles, made all visitors feel a lot warmer inside.

Below you will find some photos from this year’s traditional Christmas market.











Text and photos by: ThorNews


Categories: Central Norway, Culture

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