Ten Things You May Not Know About Cows


Norwegian Red cows are famous for their many excellent qualities, including good health, fertility and high milk production – but did you know that they may warn storms? (Photo: Thor News)

Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK) is famous for its slow live TV “marathons”, and from 29 August – 9 September NRK did broadcast live from the barn on the Ulberg farm located in the Gudbrandsdalen valley.

The viewers got the opportunity to participate in calving and robotic milking from an “odorless distance” while learning more about where milk comes from.

In this article published on NRK.no, you get some additional information about the Norwegian Red cow, today counting about 227 000 animals on farms from the North Cape to Lindesnes in the south:


Ten Things You May Not Know About Cows

  1. A cow sleeps very little, some only 20 minutes a day. It spends 4-6 hours on eating and 10 to 14 hours on ruminating grass.
  2. A cow does not have any front teeth in the upper jaw and is therefore chewing the food sideways.

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  1. When a cow licks you, it is a friendly sign.
  2. Scientists have concluded that a cow thrives best when standing in the north-south direction, although the theory is disputed. The researchers do not know the cause, but it is speculated that cows have a kind of built-in compass.
  3. Traditionally, much superstition is linked to cows. For example, death lurks around every corner if a cow keeps mooing a lot. If grass is hanging from the mouth, it is a warning of rain and storm, and you must never ever eat veal heart – then you will get really scared.
  4. A cow produces an average of 7,000 liters (1850 gallons) milk per year, twice as much as 60 years ago.
  5. A cow drinks about 130 liters (34 gallons) of water a day. The water source was a dangerous place for the primeval cow – therefore the cow drinks as much as 20 to 25 liters (6 gallons) per minute and only spends about five minutes a day drinking.
  6. Cows develop friendships that can last a very long time. A cow recognizes and remembers 50-70 different individuals.cows-friends
  7. The eyes have rectangular pupils designed to scout for threats on the horizon. Cattle only have depth perception that covers a narrow field forward, while they have a blind spot backward.
  8. A cow produces 100 liters (26 gallons) of saliva a day.




Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews


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