Matchbox Collection for Sale

Match Boxes

On Norway’s answer to eBay,, you can buy almost everything that money can buy: Caravans, rabbits, lawnmowers and stuffed moose heads are some examples. You can also buy collections of everything between heaven and earth, including erasers and matchboxes.

Here are ten examples of collections that are put up for sale on The price? Click on the ads and have in mind that 1 US dollar equals about 8 Norwegian kroner.


1, Old Enamel Signs and Thermometers

Enamel Signs


2. Country LP Records


3. Outdated Mobile Phones


4. Matchboxes

Match Boxes


5. Wooden Elephants


6. Old US License Plates


7. 127 Model Cars (scale 1/18)

Model Cars


8. Erasers


9. Stuffed Birds


10. Antique Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews


Categories: Quirky

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  1. Hehe, this is funny and almost ubelieveable. The seller of the matchboxes lives in my hometown Fredrikstad, by the way. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Sunday, Thor.
    Greetings from stormy North Norfolk,
    Dina & co

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