Norway’s Most Popular Campgrounds

Lyngvær Camping

Lofoten Caravan Camping in Northern Norway is one of about 1050 campgrounds you can vote for. (Photo:

According to Camping Norway there are about 1050 campgrounds in Norway, and to spend holidays in camper vans, caravans or tents together with other camping enthusiasts are still very popular among many Norwegians.

For the second year in a row, Gule Sider (Yellow Pages) arranges a contest where everyone can vote for their favorite campground. The provisional top ten list looks as follows (21 July):

1. Olderelv Camping, Skibotn, Northern Norway

Olderelv Camping Nortern Norway


2. Laftetunet Cabin and Leisure Center, Dokka Camping, Eastern Norway

Dokka Camping


3. Tornes Fjord Camping, Tornes in Romsdal, Western Norway

Tornes Fjordcamping


4. Dønfoss Camping, Nordberg, Eastern Norway (Winner 2015)

Dønfoss Camping


5. Vegset Camping & Café, Snåsa, Eastern Norway

Vegset Camping & Cafe


6. Haugenfjæra Camping, Frosta, Central Norway

Haugenfjæra Camping


7. Føllingstua Camping, Steinkjer, Central Norway

Føllingstua Camping


8. Aurdal Fjord Camping and Cabins, Aurdal, Eastern Norway

Aurdal Fjordcamping og Hytter


9. Fagernes Camping Park, Fagernes, Eastern Norway

Fagernes Campingpark


10. Aglen Camping, Fosslandsosen, Central Norway

Aglen Camping


Voting takes place until 12 August, and you can vote here.

Let’s go camping!



Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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2 replies

  1. So many gorgeous places to go camping! 🙂
    Vakre Norge ❤

  2. Dønfoss Camping looks pretty cool.

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