Braided Maids From the Far North

Aurora Braids Northern Norway 1

The two sisters from Mathisdalen in Finnmark, Northern Norway, spend from ten minutes to an hour to create a new braided hairstyle, and they never run out of ideas. (Photo: Aurora Braids)

It started with a braided hairstyle picture on Instagram two years ago. Now, the sisters Linda (24) and Mia (14), brought up on a farm in Mathisdalen located 70 degrees north, have more than 200,000 Instagram followers.

The two North Norwegian girls also have released the book “Eventyrlige fletter og frisyrer”(English: “Fairytale Braids and Hairstyles”).

Recently, they were interviewed by The Daily Mail, that asks, “Are these the prettiest braids EVER?

The dreamy images brings you back to a bygone era. Was this the way Scandinavian Viking women braided their hair?

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Aurora Braids Northern Norway 3

One of the many gorgeous hairstyles you find on Instagram (Photo: Aurora Braids)

Almost on a daily bases, the sisters post a photo of a new style on Instagram, and about weekly a video on YouTube (see below).

Hoping for English Translation

Linda and Mia has taken all the pictures of the nearly 70 different braided hairstyles in the book which is currently only in Norwegian.

Despite its success, the sisters have chosen to keep their hoppy separate from future work. Linda is studying English in Tromsø, while Mia want to become a chiropractor.

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Aurora Braids Northern Norway 2

Linda and Mia Sønvisen Bech use each other as models, in addition to their sister Elise. Photo: Aurora Braids)

Their Instagram followers hope there soon will be published an English translation, something the Norwegian publishing house Gyldendal probably has noted.

Meanwhile, the fans can learn by watching the braided maids on YouTube.



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