Exhibition: “Painting the Night Unreal.” Motorpsycho Concert Posters 1991 – 2016

Motorpsycho Posters

If you are a fan of the Norwegian progressive rock band Motorpsycho and their brilliant interpretations of various musical genres, this is an opportunity you should not miss: Many of the band’s concert posters are displayed at the exhibition “Painting the Night Unreal” in the National Library of Norway in Oslo lasting until August 27.

The presentation shows about fifty selected posters from Motorpsycho’s exciting musical journey from 1991 – 2016. The concert posters not only document where and when the band played, but also how the band has inspired designers from all around the world.

The exhibition and the event is free.

Five of the posters you will find at the exhibition:


Vera, Groningen, 2013. Design: Wytse Strong



Podium ‘t Beest Goes, 1995. Design: Unknown



Ekko, Utrecht, 1994. Design: Michael Hacker



Concert Tour Black Hole, Black Canvas, 2006. Design: Kim Hiorthøy



Concert Poster, 1999. Design: Kim Hiorthøi


While enjoying these works of art , you can listen to their last album here: “Motorpsycho – Here Be Monsters (February 12, 2016)”



Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

Photos by: National Library of Norway, Oslo

Categories: Art, Culture, Music

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