Unknown Sender “Made Their Day”

Unknown sender made their day 1

Clear message: “You are valuable”. (Photo: Dagfinn Johansen / NRK)

– I think we all need to hear sometimes that we are valuable, says Dagfinn Johansen.

Last week, when the bus driver from Lurøy in Nordland County came home from work, a very pleasant surprise waited in his mailbox. On a blue sheet with a heart sticker – in hand writing – someone had written “Dear Dagfinn. You are valuable =)

– It was a great feeling. It simply made my day, and I think the one or ones responsible have a big heart, says Dagfinn Johansen to NRK.

However, he was not the only recipient: Johansen has a clear impression that everyone in the village received similar letters.

– I am not sure, but they must have made over 400 of these letters. They have shown great concern for the entire village. People appreciate it because I think we all need to hear that we are valuable, says Johansen, who has a slight idea who is behind the appreciation stunt:

– I will not tell because it is the thought behind that is most important.

Open Society

Unknown sender made their day 2Another inhabitant who received a greeting is Agathe Bjørnsdatter Molvik and her son, Mathias. They are new to the village, but have lived in the municipality for one year. She saw the first letters on Facebook, and was pleased when she found one in her mailbox.

– I think that we have an open and inclusive society. My experience is that the locals were very accommodating when we moved here, she says.

She also has the impression that the whole village received the same message.

– I suppose there is a reason why the sender want to be anonymous, and I respect that.

(Photo: Agathe Bjørnsdatter Molvik / NRK)


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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