The “Thinking Bench” That Makes You Think

Thinking Bench 1

The Thinking Bench at the Angelskjæret reef, at the outlet of the river Namsen in Central Norway. (Photo: Thor News)

“Our thoughts are free”, is one of the Norwegian Humanist Association’s (NHA) mottoes. However, you also need a place to think. Since 2013, about fifty thinking benches have been placed out throughout Norway.

The association hopes that many people will give the thoughts some space, and that the benches will inspire Norwegians to take a short break in everyday life.

NHA argue that:

“Smart phones, on-line newspapers and social media allows us to be on-line at all times. The Norwegian Humanist Association believes that it can be good for everyone to have thoughts that last longer than it takes to check the latest status on your mobile phone. ”

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Thinking Bench 2

The sign says: “Occasionally, all of us can benefit from cooling down the pace. Because, thoughts grow where there is space, and matures where there is time.” (Photo: Thor News)

The benches are placed in parks, pedestrian streets, cemeteries and nature reserves, and you know that you are sitting on one when you find a mounted sign that reads:

“Make room for the thought.”

What you want to think about, if anything, is entirely up to you.

Thinking Bench 3

View from the Thinking Bench in Namsos. (Photo: Thor News)


Text and photos by: ThorNews

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4 replies

  1. What a wonderful idea – I love that!

  2. Beautiful view. But what a sad commentary that this is even needed.

  3. I love the idea! We need this in France!!!

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