Follow the Birth of Two Hundred Lambs – Minute by Minute

Lambing - minute by minute

(Photo: Screen dump from NRK)

Norwegian Broadcasting´s minute-by-minute shows have become very popular worldwide – including Hurtigruten, The Telemark Canal and National Knitting Night. This spring, they have created a new concept.

Easter is the busiest time of year for sheep farmers. Throughout the next weeks, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) air live as over two hundred sheep births take place in a barn in Western-Norway.

– The first lamb arrived yesterday, so the lambing has officially started. We are committed to full production in about five days, says sheep farmer Kjell Ove Viste to NRK.

Over the next few weeks, about 1.5 million lambs are born in Norway. Around 300,000 come from Rogaland County, while two hundred of them come from Viste’s sheep barn in Randaberg (Rogaland).

NRK has set up a camera and aims to give viewers “Lambing – Minute by Minute” through the Easter holidays.

Follow the lambing here (NRK).


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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