Please Step On These Dachshunds

Pedestrian Crossing Norway

Trondheim municipality hopes as many as possible will step on these Dachshunds. (Photo: Unknown)

– The pedestrian crossing is made to show that we appreciate foot-travelers, says Hans Kringstad in Trondheim municipality to Adresseavisen newspaper.

The decoration is part of the “Thank You for Walking” campaign in Trondheim and painted last summer. The aim of the campaign is to get people to walk instead of driving short distances in the city center.

Only in Trondheim with a population of about 180,000 people, there are 34,000 daily car trips of less than one kilometer (0.62 mi). Many of those driving could have used their legs, and the new pedestrian crossing will hopefully be visited by many using the “Apostle’s horses”.

The inspiration comes from Namsos in Nord-Trøndelag County that has created a pedestrian crossing consisting of painted piano keys.

Not In Top Twenty Five

The small but very versatile Dachshund was not on the top twenty five list of most popular 2014 dog breeds in Norway, but is nevertheless used as model.

The reason is of course the “ideal” body shape.

(Article continues)

Dachshund Dog

Is this the source of inspiration? (Photo: Martin Olsson/ Wikimedia Commons).

A Dachshund is not just one race, but comes in three sizes and nine varieties, and the breed is known as “the small all-rounder”.

“With a Dachshund, you can get a big dog in a small format,” the Norwegian Dachshund Association writes on their website.

The Pedestrian crossing in Trondheim is just another example of how versatile the Dachshunds can be.



Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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  1. Holy cripes. People drive less than a half mile? Wouldn’t it take more time to find a parking spot than to just walk? I say that as one who lives in America, land of the 5 car 3 person household…

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