How to Behave During a Moose Attack?

Angry Moose

It is important to know how to act if you encounter a moose. (Photo: Malene Thyssen/ Wikimedia Commons, 

Did you know that moose could be lethal? Imagine an animal weighing up to 1800 pounds (about 800 kilos) standing up on its hind legs trying to hit you with its hooves. Would you stay calm or panic?

Several Norwegians are being injured every year encountering the large animal. Experts have some good advice on how to act if you are standing eye to eye, with what Norwegians have named the “King of the Forest.”

During the past year, there have been several incidents where large bulls have attacked hikers, as well as settling in gardens in densely built residential areas, NRK Nordland reports.

Yesterday, a man in his 50s was badly injured in an encounter with a moose in Bodø, and last year, a woman got a severely bruised leg after being kicked, according to the same article.

Norwegian moose experts claim that it is very rare that the largest member of the deer family attacks. However, it might happen, especially in wintertime.

The main reason may be lack of food and that many moose are gathering in small areas. The animals are stressed and attack people coming in their way.

How should you behave if the situation arise?

According to experts, there is no definitive answer, but to lie flat on the ground is a bad strategy. The moose may trample you and do great harm.

Moreover, how do you notice if a moose is angry?

The hair rise up on the neck, it lower its head and flips its ears backwards, something that is a really bad sign.

It may also be wise to hide behind, or climb up a tree, until the attacker loses interest.

Anyway, if an aggressive moose would go to attack, it is important to keep a cool head and not panic.


Did you know that the word “Elk” (Norse “Elgr”) probably stems from an older German dialect and means “chase” or “to chase”, and that the animal feeds on more than a 1,000 different plant species?

There are probably as many as one million moose in Scandinavia, and thankfully, most are staying far inside the deep forests.


Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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