Is This the New Viking Ship Museum?

Viking Ship Museum 1

This proposal for the new Viking Ship Museum in Oslo is shaped like one of the Viking symbols for the sun, and/or heaven. The old museum is placed in the middle of the circle. (Photo: The Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property/ Statsbygg)

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo will be expanded and modernized. Last Wednesday, the deadline for the open architectural competition ended, and as many as 107 suggestions are submitted. All contributors are kept anonymous.

In addition to complying with the specific requirements, the task was to design a museum of 13 000 square meters of which 9,300 square meters will be new construction.

The Director of Communications at the Norwegian Directorate of Public Construction and Property (Norwegian: Statsbygg), Hege Njaa Aschim, says to NRK that they are very satisfied with so many contributions.

– It is not entirely surprising because we have understood that there is a huge interest in the project. However, we are very pleased that so many have participated in the competition, she says.

Gift to Viking Enthusiasts

The Viking Ship Museum, located directly outside of Oslo at Bygdøy, is one of Norway’s most visited museums. The Norwegian architect, Arnstein Arneberg, designed the present museum in 1913. The new project is three times larger than the current Viking collection.

In 1913, Swedish professor Gabriel Gustafson planned a building to house the Viking Age findings discovered at the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century.

The building for the Oseberg ship was constructed with Norwegian Parliament support, and the world’s most famous Viking ship was moved to the new location at Bygdøy in 1926.

The halls for the Gokstad and Tune ships were completed in 1932, and the last hall in 1957 – mostly displaying the amazing discoveries from the Oseberg ship grave.

In March 2016, the jury will choose three finalists.

– The finalists will be invited to negotiations with Statsbygg, where we will look at the feasibility of the projects, says Njaa Aschim.


More proposals (all contributors kept anonymous):

Viking Ship Museum 2. jpeg


Viking Ship Museum 3. jpeg


Viking Ship Museum 7. jpeg

Viking Ship Museum 9. jpeg


Want to learn more about the Vikings? Please visit their world here.



Text by: Thor Lanesskog

Other sources:

Photos by: Statsbygg

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  1. I visited in late October 2008 from Australia and enjoyed a fascinating half day visit. The best part was the intimacy of seeing the ships up close, standing right next to them, inspecting the ancient wood and imagining the ships on voyage. It’s important that this intimacy is factored into the new design, so that visitors from around the world can truly appreciate Viking heritage. I look forward to seeing the new works on my next visit. Mange takk!

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