Pre-Viking Age Woman Wore Sophisticated Jewelry

Gold Pendant Roman Times Norway

This small gold pendant, a so-called “berloque”, was found in Østfold in Eastern Norway (Photo: Museum of Cultural History, Oslo)

There are found about 26 small berloque gold pendants in Norway, and nine of these are found in Østfold county that was a very rich area during Roman times. This shows that Scandinavians had access to sophisticated jewelry through trade contacts with European countries long before the Viking Age.

Most of the berloques are dated to between year 50 and 150 AD and is so detailed that today’s jewelers have trouble copying them. The pendants have probably belonged to married women from wealthy families with considerable power.

Kept Secret

A few weeks ago, several objects were handed in to the County Curator in Østfold, including a gold berloque. The discovery was made in 1945 but has been kept secret.

– We are extremely pleased that this jewelry has been handed in. It is a fantastic discovery, it has national value and is part of our history, says archaeologist Tryggve Csisar at Østfold County Council to NRK.

Gold Pendant Roman Times Norway 1

Seventy years ago, this 2000 years old beautiful berloque was found in Fredrikstad in Østfold. (Photo: Camilla Næss / NRK)

He believes there are several hidden treasures out there.

– We know there are many treasures hidden on mantelpieces and lofts, and we hope that people hand in these findings, he says.


Persons who hand in objects of value to the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, may get rewarded.

– When there are special and rare findings of national value, then the Directorate for Cultural Heritage gives a reward to show that the government appreciates such findings, and to avoid them being sold on the Internet, says Csisar.

Normally, the valuable berloques are stored in a vault at the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo, but now they are on display together with other historical jewelry so that everyone can study them.




Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews


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  1. What an amazing piece of art and craftsmanship.


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