Named the World’s Best Public Toilet

Worlds Best Public Toilet Norway

All public toilet enthusiasts should pay a visit to Stegastein in Aurland, Western Norway. (Photo: Roger Ellingsen / Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

You should set aside enough time if you visit the public toilet at Stegastein, 2133 feet (650 m) above the Aurlandsfjord: Minimalist design in combination with spectacular views will certainly glue you to your seat.

In honor of the ”World Toilet Day” on October 19, DesignCurial named Stegastein to the world’s best public toilet for 2015:

For want of a more spectacular view, this public toilet in Norway surely takes the cake. Located at Stegastein lookout along one of Norway’s National Tourist Routes “Aurlandsfjellet”, the toilets align with the minimalism design of the lookout itself.

Worlds Best Public Toilet Norway 2

AHHHHHH!….what a feeling…(Photo: Kjetil Rolseth / Statens vegvesen)

The toilet building is set over the edge of the cliff creating a dramatic effect and allows users to see out across the fjord for a breath taking view, but no chance of outsiders seeing in. the toilet is black painted concrete giving it a heavy look in comparison to the blues and greens of the surrounding nature.

The toilets look out across one of Norway’s larger fjords on the west coast, near the small town of Aurland in Sogn og Fjordane.

Worlds Best Public Toilet Norway 3

Here you can enjoy the view – and the good feeling… (Photo: Jarle Waehler/ Statens vegvesen)

The architects, Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen of Saunders and Wilhelmsen were one of three architects selected to submit a design proposal by the Norwegian Highways Department. The project was built in fall 2005 and opened in June 2006.



Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews


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