Psaligraphy: Renown Artist Made Unique Altarpiece

Norway's only altarpiece made py paper

Challenging work: This altarpiece is cut by hand by artist Karen Bit Vejle. (Photo: Lars Erik Skjærseth / NRK)

She has had exhibitions all over the world, worked for Hilton Hotels and designed jewelry for Georg Jensen. Now, the Danish-Norwegian artist Karen Bit Vejle made her first altarpiece – of paper.

– It has always been my dream to create something like this, says artist Karen Bit Vejle to NRK.

The Danish-Norwegian artist is known for creating unique paper art by cutting patterns and designs with small scissors, also called psaligraphy. There is no room for mistakes, and every little cut is carefully planned.

Recently, the mounting of Norway’s first paper altarpiece started at Sverresborg Church in Trondheim.

– There have been days where I have not been able to cut, simply because my concentration has been poor. I must be absolutely sure that a cut is correct, says Bit Vejle.

She has spent a whole year developing the masterpiece.

– I am very excited. We are talking about two huge sheets of glass and very thin paper – things have gone wrong before, she adds.

The altarpiece measures 2×3 meters (6.5 x 9.8 feet), and The Lord’s Prayer frames the motif. That is not a coincidence.

– The Lord’s Prayer has been passed from parents to children for generations. It is a major part of us. Therefore, I have made it as a frame around the altarpiece. The seven prayers may make it a little easier to understand the contents, Bit Vejle explains.

On Sunday, the unique altarpiece in Sverresborg Church will be unveiled.

See more art by Karen Bit Vejle on her homepage.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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  1. Magnificent work! Imagine a whole year … All the best for the coming Sunday in Sverresborg Church! 🙂

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