Found 12,000 Year-Old “Floating” Rock

Floating RockRare sight: The 12,000-year-old floating stone. (Photo: Mogens Eskesen / NRK)

In the village of Ljosland in Åseral, Vest-Agder County, you can experience a spectacular sight: A 12,000-year-old floating rock.

When Mogens Eskesen and his wife were hiking in the Ljosland Mountains, they caught sight of something special. A large rock “hovered” above the ground, only with the support of three smaller stones.

– We have never seen it before, though we have walked along the path several times. Nor have I ever heard of others who have seen it, he tells NRK.

Eskesen took several photos of it, and he does not believe it is made as a prank.

– I guess it has been here since the last Ice Age.

He is indeed right.

Ole Fridtjof Frigstad is a retired geologist and has previously worked at Agder Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden. He is amazed after seeing the photos.

– It is nature herself that is the cause of this phenomenon. The ice melted 12,000 years ago, so this has happened at the very end of melting.

Frigstad guess the rock weighs several tons.

A simple drawing show how the rock can “hover” on top of three smaller stones.

Floating Rock drawing

From top left: 1) Ice Age, over 11,000 years ago. 2) The end of the last Ice Age, 10-11,000 years ago. 3) After the last Ice Age. 4) Present day.


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Illustration by:

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