Norwegian Culture Magazine Hits New Milestone

Norway - Norway - land of the midnight sunNorway – Land of the Midnight Sun (Artist: Ivar Gull)

With this little post, the Norwegian culture magazine ThorNews hits a milestone with 1,000 articles.

Since 2012, the website has shared stories with roots in Norway and Norwegian culture. The magazine is concerned with real and authentic stories about personalities, food culture, knitting, Bunads, Vikings, and much more.

ThorNews’ goal is to disseminate Norwegian culture in English: An unofficial national archive of stories with references to Norway.

Employees in ThorNews are optimistic about the future and want to get in touch with Norwegians, Norwegian descendants and others living abroad who want to share an exciting story.

Do you have an interesting story that tells something about Norway or Norwegians, please contact us on email


We look forward to 1000 new articles – and send a great THANKS to all our readers!


Best regards,

Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Categories: Culture, History, Quirky, Travel, Vikings

5 replies

  1. Congratulations! Love this site and all your articles.

  2. Congratulations! I really enjoy your articles and look forward to new posts.

  3. Congrats indeed … and many thanks!!!

  4. Congrats! I look forward to your posts knowing that something interesting awaits – keep up the great work!

  5. Thank you for your work. Words are not always adequate to express how much your readers find our work to be both useful and entertaining.

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