Akiak (4) has 30,000 Instagram Followers

Akiak har 30.000 followers

The husky Akiak has climbed many mountains. (Photo: Henrik Vikse/@akiakthehusky)

The four-year-old husky Akiak has become an Instagram sensation. The owner has even resigned his job to go hiking with the dog.

The four-legged pooch from Bergen has become a celebrity on Instagram with almost 30,000 unique followers.

– I think he can sense it because he has become a little diva. Today, he stole a sausage from the kitchen table. He has never done that before, says owner Henrik Vikse to NRK.

The Instagram account is actually a log where Vikse is photographing Akiak and other dogs they meet on their hiking trips. The response has been tremendous.

– We have followers from all over the world. I think both dogs and outdoor activities are popular right now.

What started as a trivial project has evolved and become a success. Vikse appreciate the positive response.

– I really created the account just for fun. My ambitions were low, but it is very nice to get so much positive feedback, he says.

About a year ago, Vikse decided to quit his main job to go hiking in the mountains. He is convinced his dog has no complaints about their new lifestyle.

– We go hiking as often as possible. When winter arrives, I will go skiing while Akiak pulls. He enjoys working a little.

The two companions are inseparable. The four-year-old do not seem to care about the attention on Instagram, Vikse however is more reserved.

– I like to live anonymously. It suits me well that Akiak is in the limelight, he concludes.


Visit Akiak’s Instagram account and see the pictures @akiakthehusky.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Featured image by Henrik Vikse / @akiakthehusky

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  1. Lovely post! Well done, Akiak and Henrik! 🙂

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