Rare Poem Sold for 30.000 Dollars – per Page!

Knut Hamsun - Et GjensynThree pages: Hamsun’s “Et Gjensyn” was his second release, published under the name Knud Pedersen Hamsund. Photo: National Library of Norway

The Knut Hamsun Centre in Hamarøy, Nordland County, consider their collection of first editions complete. However, there is still one publication from 1878 missing.

Knut Hamsun Centre is a national center and museum devoted writer Knut Hamsun’s life and works. For a long time, the center has worked to assemble all of his first editions – over thirty original releases during Hamsun’s 70 active years as an author.

– When we received “Bjørger”, we considered our collection completed. It is a very difficult book to obtain. It is very appreciated among collectors, says Director at the Knut Hamsun Centre, Bodil Børset to NRK.

The book was published in 1878. The year before, at age 17, Hamsun published his first fictional novel. “Den Gaadefulde” was published on poor paper, sold for a nickel. Today, there are only 20 to 25 copies left.

– We are very pleased to have it in our collection, says Børset.

However, there is still one book missing in their collection – or rather a pamphlet. “Et Gjensyn” is a three-page epic poem and only three existing copies: One at the National Library, and two owned by private collectors.

– This is a small publication, and nearly priceless – a rarity from Hamsun’s earliest authorship. A few years back, a copy was sold for 90.000 dollars, says antiquarian Fredrik Delås to NRK.

The price was set by a buyer who “desperately had to have” a copy.

Børset at the Knut Hamsun Centre believes their collection is complete, only because “Et Gjensyn” is practically impossible to obtain.

– If someone has a copy, please contact us, says Børset with a smile.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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