Norwegian Women Knitted the World’s Largest Quilt Blanket

Worlds largest quilt blanket

World record: 654,800 meters yarn was used. (Photo: The Norwegian Women and Family Association)

654,800 meters (approx. 407 miles) yarn was used in the record attempt by the Norwegian Women and Family Association.

In a recent press release, the Norwegian Women and Family Association writes that Guinness World Records has certified the giant patchwork as the world’s largest.

Members of the Association have spent over two years to knit the patches used to mount the blanket. The result was measured, weighed and inspected before submitted to Guinness World Records.

– We were uncertain whether we would be able to beat the previous record – but we managed it and with good margin, union leader Elisabeth Rusdal in Norwegian Women and Family Association wrote in the press release.

According Rusdal, the new record rug measure 566,279 square meters (6,095,376 square feet), weighing 311.03 kg (686 lbs.). Altogether, 654,800 meters yarn was used, equivalent with 6548 skeins.

However, the record blanket has already become history.

– The rug has been split up and distributed to health institutions across the country. Many blankets are handed to the Salvation Army. The record attempt will keep people warm for many, many years, Rusdal writes.

The quilt blanket was one of the activities to mark the Norwegian Women and Family Association´s 100th anniversary in 2015.


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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