The World’s Largest Outdoor Mural

Lilith and Olaf Mural by Ella and Pitr

(Photo: Ella & Pitr / VG)

According to experts, it is “the world’s largest figurative mural”. In just four days, artist duo Ella & Pitr painted “Lilith and Olaf”.

“If you happen to be traveling by plane over the Norwegian countryside (or, maybe, spying aerial perspectives of the region by drone) we’d suggest flying over a little municipality called Klepp in Rogaland County.”

The recommendation comes from Huffington Post, which refers to a very special work of art: “Lilith and Olaf” painted on the roof of the construction company Block Berge Bygg in Klepp, Rogaland. It measures approximately 226,040 square-foot or 21,000 square meters.

The work is a part of the annual street art festival Nuart, which opens in Stavanger this weekend. The work is signed by French artists Ella & Pitr, along with an army of volunteers who helped bring “Lilith and Olaf” to life.

The immense painting (which is regarded as a mural, although it is located on a roof) is highly visible for anyone flying to and from Sola Airport in Stavanger.

According to general manager of the Nuart festival, James Finucane, “Lilith and Olaf” is the world’s largest outdoor mural. Local newspaper Byas writes that the previous record painting was 5,000 square meters smaller than the work of Ella & Pitr.

The mural is inspired by the story of Olaf Tryggvason, who was king of Norway from 995 to 1000.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Huffington Post, VG

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