Started Successful Boat Magazine at Age 12

Started successful boat magazine at age 12

Young entrepreneur: Vetle Børresen established a business at age 12. Now, he wants more entrepreneurship in schools. (Screen dump: NRK)

Slightly tired of school, 12-year-old Vetle Børresen began writing about local boats and boat equipment. Ten years later, the magazine Båtens Verden (English: The Boat´s World) have reached a circulation of 9,000 copies.

– I was afraid to interview people. I think I went up and down the stairs five times before I had enough courage to perform my first interview, Vetle Børresen, editor of the magazine Båtens Verden, tells

The beginning of one of Norway’s most successful boat magazines started in a small neighborhood with a homemade stack of paper, which he sold to friends and acquaintances. Today, they publish seven editions per year.

– In retrospect, when I look at my first editorial, I must laugh. I did not believe I could write so many words in one article. I wrote that our goal was to compete with other boat magazines – a goal we have reached, he smiles.

The 12-year-old, who started Båtens Verden with two classmates in elementary school, has now become 22 years old. Three entrepreneurs have become seven colleagues, and this summer they have traveled across Norway to promote their magazine.

Through a Junior Achievement program, they were able to establish a business, which gave Vetle his motivation back. He believes more students should have the opportunity to start a business.

– You have no obligations when you are young and independent. At the same time, it is an ideal time for trial and error, he explains.

He also believes pupils’ enterprise can be a solution for many students who struggle with motivation in school. Knowing that there are many options to academic education is valuable, he says.


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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