Norway’s First Animal Police Service Introduced

Dyrepoliti i NorgeNOAH – for animal rights: Take crime against animals seriously! #AnimalpoliceNOW! (Photo: NOAH)

The launch of Norway’s first animal police service has become reality.

Last week, the pilot project began operating in Sør-Trøndelag Police District, and along with the Norwegian Food Safety Authorities, there will be an increased focus on violence and abuse against animals.

– By strengthening the police and the Food Safety Authority’s efforts in identifying crime against animals, we want to improve animal welfare in Norway, said police attorney Tina Mariell Værnes to during the presentation of the project.

Several ministers were present, and the government has budgeted three million Kroner (approx. 366.000 dollars) to the project that will last for three years.

For Norway, it is a major improvement in the fight against animal crime.  So far, three police officers are involved in the project.

The aim is to develop collaborative methods linking the police more closely to the Norwegian Food Safety Authorities. Previously, they have spent much time researching and reporting cases to the police.

Few cases have been reported and even fewer are convicted of crimes against animals.

In March, 92 dead cows was discovered in a barn in Fosnes municipality in Nord-Trøndelag County. A farmer with big personal problems had let the animals starve to death. The animals had probably been unattended since Christmas.

The farmer risks a sentence of up to three years in prison and may lose the right of having animals.

Until now, the penalty levels have been low, but both the Norwegian State attorney and politicians want stricter penalties for animal cruelty.


Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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