Season Premiere “Alt for Norge”

Alt for Norge sesong 6

Season 6: Twelve excited participants are competing to meet their Norwegian family (Photo: TVNorge)

Award winning “Alt for Norge” (English: Everything for Norway) is back with twelve adventurous Norwegian-Americans. In the sixth season, the reality program among other reconstructs the Norwegian heavy water sabotage during WW2.

For the sixth year in a row, TVNorge sends twelve charming and outspoken Norwegian-Americans across the country looking for their Norwegian roots. During ten episodes, the participants, who have never been to Norway, will learn all about the quirky Norwegian identity and our exciting history.

– Norway is so much more than just Brunost, Bunad (Editor’s note: National costumes) and happy people taking a Sunday walk. In fact, we have several rather peculiar traditions. This year, the participants are making “slow TV” while knitting on the Bergen Line, they will reconstruct the heavy water  sabotage at Rjukan, and survive 24 hours in the wilderness, says hostess Henriette Bruusgaard to TVNorge.

Total Madness

The show is one of the most watched on TVNorge and all seasons have received nominations for best reality competition. In the sixth season, we meet among others a heavy metal musician, a Norwegian Native-American, a gay ex-pastor and a Mormon adrenaline junkie – and everyone is willing to give everything for Norway. They compete about who is “most Norwegian” and the winner gets to meet his/hers entire Norwegian family.

– “Alt for Norge” is based on something real, and the participants have a genuine motivation to find out more about their Norwegian roots. As always, the show will include crazy situations and lots of laughter, says Bruusgaard.


“Alt for Norge” season 6 premieres on Sunday, August 30 on TVNorge.


See how the Norwegian-Americans from season 5 react when they receive their own Bunad


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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4 replies

  1. What a wonderful series! Will it be shown in the U.S., too?

    • Hi! I will contact TVNorge to see if they have the rights to air Alt for Norge outside Norway! I’ll get back to you. Anette

    • Hi! I have talked to TVNorge – and I have one good and one not so good news:

      Good: YES! You are able to watch Alt for Norge outside Norway!

      Not so good: You must be a subscriber of DPlay – TVNorge’s online channel. It can only be paid with a Norwegian credit card.

      PS: Do not despair – you can find lots of interesting clips from previous seasons on Youtube. 🙂


      • Hi, Anette…..thank you for checking into this. In lieu of applying for a Norwegian credit card, I think I’ll just look it up on YouTube. 😉

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