World’s Tiniest Bunads?

World's Tiniest Bunads

Twin baby girls Vera and Live might be the world’s youngest Bunad owners.(Screen shot:

Twin baby girls Vera and Live might be the world’s youngest Bunad owners.

When 21-year-old knitting enthusiast Astrid Hågensen Kleven found out that her friend was expecting twins, she started ​​knitting two tiny Bunads.

– I had to shrink the pattern because the original size was from three months and up, says Kleven to NRK.

Besides being a student, she works part time at handicraft shop Husfliden in Trondheim.

– I am above average interested in national costumes, she says.

Little Vera and Live was born on April 9, and were only two weeks old when they received their first Bunads.

– It is marvelous. Astrid has even sewn letters on the Bunad bags, so we can tell them apart, says twin mom Maren Øyum Wiggen.

The twins have already used their Bunads on several occasions, including three confirmation ceremonies and on the National Day.

Astrid tells NRK that she received priceless help from colleagues at Husfliden and her grandmother during the knitting process.

– My colleague Bente Slettå Rønningen at Husfliden created the pattern. She is incredibly talented and she inspires me, she says.

After six weeks of intensive knitting, the two small Bunads from Trøndelag was completed.

The little girls are soon growing out of their costumes, so Astrid has already started planning two blue Trønder Bunads for their first anniversary.

Perhaps it will be the start of a series of knitted birthday presents.


Text modified by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

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  1. What a unique and wonderful gift! And some amazing knitting also, well done Astrid!

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