World Champion Honored with “The Magnus Sweater”


Worthy of a King: Magnusgenseren – The Magnus Sweater (Photo: Moods of Norway)

When Magnus Carlsen was defending the world title in chess in November 2014, Norwegian newspaper VG wanted to give his fans the opportunity to cheer him by designing a unique world champion knit sweater.

In cooperation with design group Moods of Norway, VG launched a digital knit program where anyone could play around with pawns, knights, rooks and queens – and develop a pattern worthy the King of Chess.

Over ten million stitches, over four thousand sweaters created. A jury chose four, and the audience voted for a fifth going into the final round.

The Chairman of the Jury, Magnus Carlsen himself, had the final call and chose 15-year-old Ingrid Øgreid’s classic design. In an interview, Øgreid told VG that the iconic Marius Sweater inspired her when she made the design.

Carlsen is one of very few Norwegian heroes who have got a knitwear named after him.

The Magnus Sweater

5672 stitches: Details on the Magnus Sweater, (design by Ingrid Øgreid) 



Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: VG

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