Midgardsblot: Viking and Black Metal Festival in Borre

Midgardsblot logooAttention all Viking worshipers: In Midgard in Borre, the mighty rulers of the Norwegian Vikings have lived, feasted, and laid to rest. Come and feel the atmosphere.

Since Norwegian black metal broke through in the 90s, the interest in Norse culture has exploded. In the end of August, Vikings and black metal fans meet on historical ground for a massive feast – Midgardsblot.

Metal fans are often very interested in Vikings, and Norwegian black metal bands are among the foremost communicators of the occult Norse culture. The village of Borre in Vestfold County has the largest gathering of monumental burial mounds from the late Iron Age and Viking Age, and it is said that descendants of the Yngling family are buried here.

The festival area provides an outdoor scene, a Viking market with food and beverage, demonstration of handicrafts and more. There will be activities for the whole family throughout the day.

– We hope to draw both international metal fans and locals who are just curious, says commercial director Jardar Nygård at Midgard Historical Centre, located in Borre in Vestfold – a power center in the Viking Age.

Einar Selvik, initiator of music project Wardruna, and composer of music for television series Vikings – will play an acoustic set in Gildehallen, which is a reconstructed Viking Age banquet hall.

(article continues)Midgardsblot gildehallThe mighty Gildehall – a reconstructed Viking Age banquet hall. (Photo: Midgardsblot)

Since 1994, Viking markets have been arranged with visitors from all over Europe, and the organizers are hoping for 2,000 visitors at this year’s Midgardsblot.

It is going to be a genuine Viking atmosphere with music, seminars, and courses in traditional beer brewing. Special guided tours, games and lectures for kids will be held at the Midgard Historical Centre.

Ihsahn (Emperor), Solefald, 1349, Nidingr, Thyrfing, Einherjer, Kampfar, Glittertind, Folket Bortafor Nordavinden, Myrkur, Acyl, From the Vastland, Bergtatt, Fejd and Huldre are some of the bands performing at the festival on August 20th to 22nd.

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Text by: Anette Broteng Christiansen, ThorNews

Source: Aftenposten

Categories: Culture, Eastern Norway, Music, Travel, Vikings

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