Now You Can Realize Your Childhood Tree House Dream

Tree House Norway

Are you still dreaming of building a tree house? Now you can live out your childhood dream trough a modular cabin kit. (Photo: Playwood Architects)

Many men never let go of their childhood dream of building a tree house high up in a tree. The Oslo architects Jostein Bjørndal, Anders Eidstuen and Rune Ramfelt are no exception. The last couple of years they have used their spare time to realize the idea of a prefabricated tree top cabin.

The architects’ modular cabin is named Playwood. The size is about 75 square feet and it takes only a couple of days to assemble in a suitable tree, Hyttemessen cabin fair reports.

The round, UFO-like shape is primarily chosen because it is advantageous considering that the cabin should be easy to manufacture and assemble.

The prototype is built in partnership with organ builders Ryde & Berg Orgelbyggeri that is ready to take the project further. To test the market response, the prototype will be mounted on an “authentic” trunk under the annual Hyttemessen cabin fair lasting from April 9 – 12.

Not Only in Trees

The architects are looking forward to meet cabin enthusiasts and hear their response.

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Tree House Interior Norway

Playwood interior. (Photo: Playwood Architects)

– We hope and believe the cabin will arouse good feelings among many adults. Throughout the ages, a cabin in the tree has been “every” boy’s dream – and I recognize myself in that dream, says architect Jostein Bjørndal.

The Playwood creators also envision a variety of other uses. In playgrounds and campsites, it could become a useful and attractive supplement. The cabin can also be used indoors, such as in an open plan office where it can be used as a meeting or quiet room.

However, the intention is that the cabin should be placed in nature; provide views and put the surroundings into a new perspective.

For those who miss a small kitchen: This is also being planned.


Playwood – Facts

Modular cabin for mounting in trees.

11.5 feet /3.5 meters in diameter, about 75 square feet/ 6-7 square meters.

Seating for up to four people, two sleeping places. Upper bunk gives room for more. Possible to stand upright.

Consists of twelve modules made with wood veneer. Surface treated with epoxy.

Assembled by two to three people in a couple of days.

Easy to assemble and disassemble.



Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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