Thousands of Archaeological Objects Melting Out of the Ice

Horse Scull Norwegian Glacier

A horse skull, presumably from the Viking Age, found at the Lendbreen glacier in Oppland county. (Photo: Oppland County Authority)

Archaeologists who want to learn more about our ancestors, and at the same time are concerned about global warming, must have very mixed feelings: The increasing number of objects found at melting Norwegian glaciers is a treasure trove of new knowledge.

The number of objects is so big that the growing archeological field in the autumn of 2014 got its own magazine; Journal of Glacial Archaeology. A large part of the content will be descriptions of items found at Norwegian glaciers, according to the research portal

There are about 2500 glaciers in Norway, equally divided between Southern and Northern Norway, which covers approximately 0.7% of the total land area.

Only in Oppland county, about 2,000 objects have melted out of the ice. There are also made many findings in the counties of Rogaland, Møre og Romsdal and Hordaland, as well as some in Northern Norway.

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Iron Age Knife Norwegian Glacier

A small knife with wooden handle, probably dating back to the Iron Age, found at the Lendbreen glacier in Oppland the summer of 2014. (Photo: Oppland County Authority)

The oldest ice in the mountains of Southern Norway is about 6600-6700 years old, and in many places the glaciers now are melting down to the oldest layers. Also in the Rocky Mountains, the Andes and the Alps, objects from ancient mountain people are uncovered.

New Knowledge

At the Lendbreen glacier in Oppland, archaeologists have found a number of items. On an old road used to cross the mountains, both objects related to hunting, but also more mundane items like gloves and shoes, are found.

All the horse bones tell that the route was hazardous for both people and animals.

The objects can provide new knowledge about the people who have lived in Norway back to the Stone Age. Meanwhile, the melting process is so quick that archaeologists must work fast to rescue and preserve them for posterity.



Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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  1. Reblogged this on This Got My Attention and commented:
    Hmmmm, warm 6500 years ago, then it got cold and now it’s back to warm and we’re finding the garbage people from 6500 years ago. Interesting. I didn’t know they had global warming back 6500 years ago, too.

  2. Since you people seem misinformed let me just clarify some things. If you drop an object on top of a glacier it will gradually sink into the ice, so the discovery of objects in the ice does not indicate that there was no ice there when the objects were dropped. Furthermore, it is true that warming and cooling trends have existed throughout history, but the evidence suggests that the trends we see now are much more drastic and occuring at a much greater rate than ever before.

    • It’s really quite interesting that the climate alarmists always have an excuse for everything, especially when facts don’t fit their doomsday narratives. Items sink through solid ice, carbon is a lethal killer and warmer equals colder. I guess that means that if I let my kettle boil long enough, eventually I’ll have ice cubes for my lemonade.

      There is absolutely no evidence that the trends were seeing now are more drastic and occurring at a much greater rate “than ever before”. We simply don’t have the technology to make such a categorical statement. To think that we are able to tell over the course of billions of years that ‘never before’ has the average global temperature warmed less than 1 degree Celsius in a 150 year period, indicates the incredible gullibility of those who buy into the new religion of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

      As with all religions, AGW was built on fear mongering, doomsday predictions, tithing (carbon fees), blind faith and persecution of heretics.

      • well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • You do realize that ice isn’t precisely a solid right? that it flows, just very slowly. That’s why glaciers pick up rocks and deposit them many miles away from their starting points. Take a class in geology.

      • @ Bowen. What exactly does that have to do with what I said? I’m fully aware of how glaciers pick up things and deposit them hundreds of miles away. I could give you some personal experience I have in such things, but I don’t want to bore you.

        So, I’m guessing that you’re trying to tell us that you’re one of the faithful members of the Church of Global Warming?

      • There are climate scientists and climate opinionists. Ninety seven percent of climate scientists know that C02 is a greenhouse gas, humans are flooding the atmosphere with c02 at a concentration higher and faster than ever before, and that is leading to a more rapid warming of the Earth.
        That some of the climate opinionists choose not to believe this does not influence the science.
        That those deniers claim that 97% of climate scientists on Earth are engaged in the what would have to be the most extravagant and sweeping conspiracy ever devised is laughably insane.

      • Hmmm so are you trying to suggest that over 7 billion humans, a poulation size that could contain the entire collective population of every age up untill present and still not even come close to, has no environmental impact on the processes of the planet? Oh yeah let us also not forget the tecnology that has come into being the last one hundre and fifty year. You know, little things that affect electro magetics, various forms of radiation, playing with atoms, industrialsation, massive scale deforestation, ocean acidfication ,you know, the little things. Is that what you are getting at here or suggesting? That there is no way 7 billion humans and high techlogies that affect the vary fabric of nature could not possibly have any affect on globalconditions? Hmmmm sounds legit.

      • @ Chad Are you aware that the entire population of the earth could easily fit into Texas? You alarmists go around throwing out such nonsense about how overpopulated the planet is, yet in actuality, only 3% of the earth is covered by cities and towns.

        The rest is beautiful countryside, pristine forests, frozen tundras, deserts, vast oceans, mountains, fresh waterways, glaciers, etc. You need to get out of your urban jungle a bit more and realize that not all of the planet is what you see every day.

      • @ Jody Percy — 97% of climate scientists do NOT agree with the theory of man-made climate change. That is just another in a long line of lies and misrepresentations that the pushers of this AGW hoax have the faithful believing. Never mind the fact that there are far more scientists in a great number of other fields who do not go along with this trumped up ideology… sciences, geology, geography, physicists, historians, engineers.

        If you can explain to me the disappearance of the Laurentide ice sheet, in your own words, I’ll be glad to listen.

    • What about the ancient cities that are under sea level and have been for thousands of years. Seems to me that the ocean has been rising for years. There are seashells in my backyard and I live at 800 ft above seas level.
      It’s called climate change. It’s been going on for ever.

      • You realize that the Earth’s crust is constantly moving right? That is why they find ocean fossils on mountain tops.
        Again, 97% of those people far more qualified to understand the science than you and I agree.

  3. So if Donna Quixote is right, there should have been no end of fascinating archaeological items coming out of the glaciers the whole time, and particularly rich archaeological fields in moraine areas. The point is that there is a change in the way glaciers function, and this has led to the recovery of more relics from former times than usual

  4. Please enlighten us with your anecdotal evidence?

  5. To echo Donna Quixote’s excellent commentary… As I have said many times before, the earth has been experiencing cyclical warming and cooling trends for billions of years at varying and sporadic rates…. mankind has very little to do with any of them. It is our ego that places mankind in the center of the universe but the truth is we are much more insignificant than we’re giving ourselves credit for.

  6. All things shall be revealed in time.


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