Found Viking Age Artifact with Faces and Swastika

Viking Age Artifact With Swastika

Håkon Huse (left) found this object when he was searching with metal detector on Kjell Tore Holmedal’s farm (right). (Photo: Håkon Huse / Elisabeth Berg Haas)

Håkon Huse made a unique discovery with metal detector in Holmedal in Kvinnherad, Western Norway: An object with two faces and a swastika.

– I had to blink a few extra times. At first, I could not believe it, says Huse to local newspaper Kvinnheringen, that first reported the story.

Huse has found several Viking Age artifacts in the same area, but no one similar to this. Ten centimeters down he found the 6.8-centimeter-long object in the soil.

The object probably dates back to year 700 AD, but may be significantly older.

Part of Sacrificial Bowl

Archaeologists and historians who have seen the photo of the artifact believe it probably has been a part of a sacrificial bowl, according to NRK Hordaland.

Viking Age Artifact With Swastika 2Has this artifact, which presumably is bronze plated, been part of a sacrificial bowl? (Photo: Håkon Huse)

– Some believes it is depicting Odin, because it has a swastika. But most believe that it must have been a part of a sacrificial bowl, says Huse.

Now, the object will be analyzed before it will be displayed as part of a permanent exhibition at the University Museum of Bergen.




Text modified by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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  1. The Swastika is a symbol of the sun the 4 season or 4 elements, fire water air and earth and meant life and good luck what the Nazi did it with is just sick

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