Sure Norwegian Signs of Spring

Sure Norwegian Sgins of Spring

A sure sign of spring: Airing the duvet (Illustrating photo:

Spring has arrived! Well, March is a whimsical month with hail and snow, sun and thunder, with up-and-down temperature swings. This does not stop Norwegians from waking to life: They have missed daylight more than Malian Tuaregs miss rain, more than New Yorkers miss space.

From about the 20th of March, at 11:45 pm CET, when day and night have the same length, until late September when colors and smells once again will be wrapped in darkness – something inexplicable happens: Norwegians are smiling, talking and flirting in their new dresses and shirts.

Norwegians are a bit like Atlantic puffins which always return from the ocean and land on the Lovund island in Nordland on April 14 to start the breeding season. Norwegians are quite similar to puffins, and March 20 is the magic date that marks the beginning of their “breeding season”.

Here are some sure signs that spring has arrived in Norway:

The sound of motorcycles and scooters, sound of bicycle tires against gravel, laundry hanging outdoors, airing of duvets and pillows, cars are polished, boats scraped and painted, shining shoes and windows, children playing in the streets.

Youth speaking with loud voices, the opening of mountain passes, summer tires rolled out of the garage, swept streets and sidewalks, fairground and circus posters hanging at every corner, school bands rehearse, the smell of barbecue, ice pops, joggers running in the middle of the road.



Text by: Thor Lanesskog, ThorNews

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